Slugging Wrench Retainer with Safety Ring

SWR-24 - SWR-60
Product Details
  • Slugging Wrench Retainers thread onto the end of the stud over the slugging wrench to ensure the wrench stays affixed to the fastener
  • A spring loaded plate allows for easy adjustment of the wrench without having to unscrew the retainer
  • Increased productivity and safer operation by eliminating the need for a second worker to hold and slugging wrench in place
  • Available in 1 sizes, marked with stud sizes (not hex sizes)
  • Configured to work with offset and straight handle slugging wrenchesTorques in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions
  • Battery saving auto-shutoff after two minutes
  • COMPUTORQ 3 remembers last unit and torque setting selected
  • Audible tone sounds when set torque value is reached, if the set torque value is exceeded, an alarm tone will sound
  • 3 color LED light bar: YELLOW LED indicates approaching desired torque setting; GREEN LED indicates desired torque value is reached; RED LED indicates fastener was overtorqued, loosen and retighten
  • When desired torque value is reached, display will hold value and flash for ten seconds
  • COMPUTORQ 3 will operate in any of four torque units, foot pounds (ft. lbs.), inch pounds (in. lbs.), newton meter (Nm) or kilogram centimeter (kg. cm.)
  • ACCURACY: ±2% CW of readings from 2% to 1% of full scale; ±3% CCW of readings from 2% to 1% of full scale
  • N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of calibration included
Technical Details
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