V Ring Attachment - Tool Cinch

Product Details
  • Patent-pending Tool Cinch Attachment Points are third-party load rated for 35 pounds
  • The VR-1ATTACHMD and VR-2ATTACHMD feature stabilization wings that can be taped down using Quick Wrap Tape to create a strong connection that won’t slide off a tool
  • With a Tool Cinch, it’s possible to create attachment points on heavy, difficult to tether tools and equipment
  • The VR-ATTACHMD is perfect for tools with closed handles, or pre-drilled holes
  • The VR-1ATTACHMD is designed to be used with tools that do not have pre-drilled holes or closed handles. It can even be used on tools with triggers such as grinders, bandsaws, or drills
  • The VR-2ATTACHMD is intended to be used on long cylindrical tools where there is at least 5.5 inches of space available for the stabilization wings to be taped down
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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VR1ATTMD10PK 10-1/2 in 5-1/4 in 1-2/4 in 1.21 lb
VR2ATTMD10PK 11 in 6 in 1-1/4 in 1.27 lb
VRATTHMD10PK 11-1/4 in 5-1/4 in 1-2/4 in 1.24 lb
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