1/3 Foam Drawer Insert Only for 36 piece 1/2 Drive 12 Point Metric Shallow & Deep Socket Set

Product Details
  • Foam is laser marked
  • Modular design for tool organization in your tool storage
  • Foam is easy to clean and resists oils, solvents and fuels
  • Finger press the end of the tool for easy retrieval
  • Sets in foam are flexible and keep your tools organized
  • Two color foam provides visual control to find tools easily
  • Foam Only tools not included, fits JHWSMD-1213, JHWSMD-1214, JHWSMD-1215, JHWSMD-1216, JHWSMD-1217, JHWSMD-1218, JHWSMD-1219, JHWSMD-1221, JHWSMD-1222, JHWSMD-1224, JHWSMD-1227, JHWSMD-1230, JHWSTM-1210, JHWSTM-1211, JHWSTM-1212, JHWSTM-1213, JHWSTM-1214, JHWSTM-1215, JHWSTM-1216, JHWSTM-1217, JHWSTM-1218, JHWSTM-1219, JHWSTM-1220, JHWSTM-1221, JHWSTM-1222, JHWSTM-1223, JHWSTM-1224, JHWSTM-1225, JHWSTM-1226, JHWSTM-1227, JHWSTM-1228, JHWSTM-1229, JHWSTM-1230, JHWSTM-1232, JHWSTM-1234 and JHWSTM-1236 sold separately
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JHWFMSS-36RC13FM 11-5/8 in 17-3/8 in 1-3/8 in 0.49 lb
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