Fixed Tip Retaining Ring Pliers

PL-531 - PL-534
Product Details
  • Internal - used for installing and removing internal retaining rings in a bore without damage to the ring
  • External - used for installing and removing external retaining rings on a shaft without damage to the ring
  • Manufactured from high carbon, heat treated steel
  • Designed for accurate fit and long wear by precision forming and induction hardening
  • Finished with black oxide coatingReads bi-directionally (cw and ccw)
  • Rechargeable NiCad batteries
  • Designed to be a sturdy low cost tester, ETT can be placed on the wall in the factory, on a portable cart or on a bench allowing operators to test torque wrenches or power tools without having to leave their station
  • Use joint simulator with Power Tools
  • Power adapter cord included - Part #P115-3
  • Bench bracket available - Part #343-25
  • Socket adapter included with tester (female to female) suited for size of square drive of ETT
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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JHWPL-531 5-1/2 in 7/8 in 0.038 in
JHWPL-532 6-1/2 in 1 in 0.07 in
JHWPL-533 6-1/2 in 7/8 in 0.038 in
JHWPL-534 7 in 2-1/16 in 0.07 in
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