Insulated Ratcheting Screwdriver with Dual-Component Handle

Product Details
  • Insulated Ratcheting Screwdriver handle to use with Bahco interchange insulated blades
  • For work on live equipment, up to 1000 V
  • Two-component handle with soft, high friction-material with ridged surface for comfortable grip
  • 48 Teeth ratcheting screwdriver which permits smooth operation and minimum rotation arc to catch the next pawl tooth
  • Smooth ratcheting stroke, 3-position ratchet mechanism of forward, reverse and neutral
  • Safe way to release the blade by pushing the top end button
  • In small transparent plastic tube with hanging hole
Technical Details
Sbe Hexagon 2 L 48 Teeth Ratcheting 1000V IEC60900 1000V TRI
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808060 36 mm 122 mm 115 g
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