Offset Pattern Box End Wrench, Black Industrial Finish, 1-3/4 / 44 mm

Product Details
  • Striking face wrenches are designed to be struck by a hammer on the anvil area in order to loosen frozen fasteners or to set and tighten fasteners
  • Anvils are proportional to opening sizes. Special heat treating provides maximum durability for long life
  • Offset handle is close to head to provide clearance in confined areas
  • Williams’ expanded line of offset striking face wrenches, up to 4-1/4", provides the most extensive line on the market
  • Specifically engineered to hold up under the most rigorous industrial use
Technical Details
Simple product attributes
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JHW8811BW 1-3/4 in 12-9/16 in 2-11/16 in 1-1/8 in 5.14 lb
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