Sandflex® Bi-Metal Sabre Sawblades for Pallet Repair

Product Details
  • The pallet repair blade is developed in close co-operation with pallet repair shops
  • Virtually unbreakable Sandflex® bi-metal blade for all materials and type of cut
  • HSS toothing with 8% Cobalt
  • This toothing has good material removal rate in wood with nails and high strength to tooth breakage
  • 0.9 mm to 1.3 mm thickness
  • 10/14 TPI has proved to be the most popular teething amongst users in pallet repair shops
  • By increasing the shank radius, we have improved the fatigue strength
  • The unique front design prevents the blade front to get stuck in close by wood beams, when cutting nails in damaged parts of the pallet
  • 228 mm length
  • The packing quantities are 10 pieces or 100 pieces in plastic tubes
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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3940-228-10/14-PR09-10P 228 mm 0.9 mm 10/14 PR 300 g
3940-228-10/14-PR09-100P 228 mm 0.9 mm 10/14 PR 2900 g
3940-228-10/14-PR13-100P 228 mm 1.3 mm 10/14 PR 4080 g
3940-228-8/12-PR13-100P 228 mm 1.3 mm 8/12 PR 4045 g
3940-228-10-PR09-100P 228 mm 0.9 mm 10 PR 2900 g
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