Scaffold Building Kits

Product Details
  • Safety & security
  • Holsters are designed with built-in attachment points or retractors
  • Tools are tethered to the holster at all times so the risk of dropping a tool while transferring from bag to lanyard is eliminated
  • Several holsters also feature hook and loop flaps that secure the tool while being transported
  • Customizable
  • System is completely modular and can be arranged in any order on the tool belt based on the user’s preference
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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JHWWTHSCAFL 24-1/2 in 14-1/2 in 11 in 17.77 lb
JHWWTHSCAFM 22-1/2 in 16-1/4 in 8 in 15.87 lb
JHWWTHSCAFXL 22-1/3 in 16-1/4 in 8 in 16.33 lb
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