SuperTorque™ Tamper-Resistant TORX® Screwdrivers with Three Component Comfort Grip Handles

Product Details
  • 3 component handles provide a maximum comfort grip
  • Size is shown on blade and tip style is shown on handle for easy identification
  • Chrome blades prevent corrosion and can be easily cleaned
  • Sand blasted tip for greater screw-tip adherence and high resistance against corrosion
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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JHWSPR-X-10-3 Tamper Resist T10 7-3/8 in 3 in 1.33 oz
JHWSPR-X-15-4 Tamper Resist T15 7-1/2 in 4 in 1.92 oz
JHWSPR-X-20-4 Tamper Resist T20 8 in 4 in 1.96 oz
JHWSPR-X-25-5 Tamper Resist T25 8 in 5 in 2.4 oz
JHWSPR-X-27-5 Tamper Resist T27 8-3/4 in 5 in 2.4 oz
JHWSPR-X-30-6 Tamper Resist T30 8-3/4 in 6 in 4.37 oz
JHWSPR-X-40-6 Tamper Resist T40 11-5/8 in 6 in 5.6 oz
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