Tools @ Height 72 Piece Basic Service Set In Lift Bucket

Product Details
  • Includes Tools and Safe Bucket for easy portability. Safety right out of the box
  • The Tools@Height Basic Maintenance set provides a good start to a Tools@Height tool program. All tools are designed to be used with our tethering and retention systems which maintain or enhance the tools’ functionality when used at height or near critical assemblies
  • Many applications - any industry where a dropped tool could harm personnel, damage machinery or cost production time. High level uses - drilling derricks, wind turbines, cranes, buildings, bridges, masts, powerlines, hangars, scaffold builders Low level uses - stop tools dropping onto flight hardware, into engines, machinery, food production lines, vats, mine shafts, even under water uses
Technical Details
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JHWWSC-72-TH 22 in 16 in 8-1/2 in 39.07 lb
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