Tools@Height Bull Pins

BP-4014-TH - BP-3410-TH
Product Details
  • Bull Pins feature a durable shackle with wave washers that allow the JHWBP3410TH shackle to be positioned out of the way while being struck
  • Broad head bull pin for most alignment tasks
  • Head of bull pin designed to allow the shackle to swivel fully from one side to the other
  • Bull Pin made from heat treated alloy steel; Stainless steel shackle is durable and will not corrode in harsh environments
  • Shackle has position adjustment feature to keep the shackle out of the hammer path, even when used upside down.
  • Shackle pin is locked in place to prevent it from “walking out” during use
  • Broad head angle allows shackle to pass from side to side, even as head mushrooms from being struck.
Technical Details
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JHWBP3410TH 16 in 2-5/16 in 1-1/4 in 5/16 in 14 in 3.5 lb
JHWBP4014TH 11 in 1-13/16 in 1-1/16 in 1/4 in 10 in 3 lb
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