Williams wrenches allow 15 degree access* when engaging a fastener which means more turning capability in tight areas for better production.  This design provides increased maneuverability which means better perfomance and acess in confined spaces.  Competitor's wrenches allow only 30 degree access which means you'll use your wrench in fewer areas, especially those tough-to-reach spots where you need access the most. 

Our wrenches have been used in industrial applications for almost 140 years and we know comfort and ease of use is important for professional technicians using these tools every day.  Williams rounds the edges on their SUPERCOMBO wrench bodies to provide you the best leverage when busting a fastener loose.  

*wrench must be flipped for addtional 15 degree access


When safety and strength are essential, turn to Williams.  The continuous arc design of a Williams wrench provides expectional performance while reducing change of failure and breakage.  Williams high-strength steel and continuous arc design provide exceptional perforamce while reducing the chance of failure and breakage.  Our Tools@Height wrenches are made specficially for drop prevention.  We design our products to ensure technicians are safe and productive when performing tasks at height.  The innovative design features safety coils taht slide out of the way of the handle to provide full use of the wrench.  Whether in the field, suspended at height or in the plant turn to Williams when you need a safe, reliable wrench.