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Williams Tools’ Proud History


Williams has made strong, trusted tools for industrial professionals with pride since 1882.  It’s first factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC, revolutionized drop forging, “blacksmithing by machinery,” to ensure all pieces were created with the same consistency and quality.  Due to their precise manufacturing process, Williams’ products were used in the countless industrial shops of 19th century America.  From turning out tools for bicycles, sewing machines and more to the production of golf club heads for a growing America.

Safety Serious

With over 140 years of experience, we know that keeping your people safety is the top priority. That's why we offer not the just the safest products in the business, but the training and instruction on how to use them properly. Our training programs help tool users learn about the dangers involving misused, modified and poorly maintainted tool and how to determine the right tool for any and every job. In addition, we teach the importance of ergonomics, tether tools, proper calibration and more.  

Modular Industrial Storage

Designed and built specifically for industrial environments, Williams Modular Storage offers tough, customizable options to fit your specific needs.  We offer storage cabinets, shelving units and workstations in a variety of combinations to fit your workspace. They are built to last, with heavy-duty steel construction; each drawer has a capacity to hold up to 400 pounds.  The stainless steel rivets on drawer fronts and handles provide 650 pounds of sheer strength per rivet for superior durability.  The double roller tracks allow for 100% drawer extention, which means full visibility and complete access to all drawer contents.  

Cutting Solutions - Power Tool Accessories

Our Power Tool Accessories are famous for their high quality and time saving performance.  With their aggressive edges and powerful cutting, they get the job done faster with cleaner and more accurate cuts.  We have set the standard in precision, quality, durability and versatility with products to cut almost any material and are compatible with all machines.  The cutting application is printed on the side of the baldes for easy selection and identification.  We challenge you to put our blades to the test today!

NEW! QuickFit Tool Organization System

The QuickFit Tool Organization System offers tool sets with laser-cut foam drawer inserts to get organized and save time.  Choose from over 40 modular sets that include tools that are designed specifically for industrial environments.  Use our online configurator to create your deal workspace with a quick and easy to use step-by-step builder.


Choose your tool box color, tools sets and drawer layouts.  


Industrial Wrenches

QUALITY WRENCHES SINCE 1882  - Williams wrenches are engineered to withstand the demanding needs of industrial environments.  From it's first factory in Red Hook, New York, Williams introduced a line of Super Tools including the Superrench!  Our extensive line of wrenches include double head open end, high visibility, double head ratcheting box, hammer, 30 degree service, offset stuctural box, double head offset box end, stubby, racheting flare nut, double head flare nut, offset combination, reversible ratcheting combination, SuperCombo wrenches and more to cover a wide variety of heavy-duty applications.  



Industrial Hydraulics

QUALITY PRODUCTS. WIDE SELECTION.  - Williams hydraulics offers a wide range of products including cylinders (pull, single & double acting, flat body, aluminum, lock nut, hollow hole, threaded hole and low profile), pumps (hand, double acting, air, gas, electric (with solenoid valve, with auto return valve, with pendant switch), diesel) , 55T and 100T shop presses, toe jacks, mini jacks, side pump bottle jacks, spreaders and 4T and 10T maintenance kits.


Our mini jacks will lift up to 20 tons and they literally fit into the palm of your hand, a lot of power in a small package. Williams hydraulic accessories include gauges, adapters, couplings, hoses and hydraulic oil as well as cylinder and shop press accessories. 



Torque Solutions

PROPER TORQUE - In industrial applications proper torque is important for safety, reliability and performance.  Every manufacturer whether in fleet maintenance, power generation, oil and gas, etc. specifies critical fastener torque for important reasons.  Under and over tightening critical fasteners can lead to product failure.  Product failure means downtime, higher costs, potential injury and more. 








SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Engineered attachment points don’t interfere with the functionality of the tools.

BEAT THE STATISTICS - The Tools@Height System tethers each tool with its own lanyard, minimizing exchanges and reducing the likelihood of drops.

MINIMIZE RISK - Independent tethering allows a tool to be removed and returned to its holster with one hand so the user can maintain the critical “three points of contact” when working at height.

RETAIN CONTROL - Our modular approach allows you to configure tools and holsters to your needs.

LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS - We will work with you to determine your drop prevention needs and provide a complete system to help your workers work safely and efficiently.

Tough Jobs, Done Safely.


We make strong, reliable tools and work with you to use them safely!


Side by Side

Our passion for making tools comes from years of successfully working side by side with hard-working industry professionals.


Industrial applications

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